Hands-on English crossword puzzle:
This puzzle is a good vocabulary review when used as a follow-up to the reading about Olympic athletes.It's just a step more challenging than the matching exercise. Print this page out and let your students try it!
Olympics--Trying hard to win

Across clues

2. fairness toward the other athletes
5. daily exercises in your sport
6. working hard for your dream
10. long-lasting strength
11. something you can't plan
12. this is not technique, but style

Down clues

1. focussing on one thing
3. how fast you are going
4. how much power your body has
7. the teacher in a sport
8. good technique
9. lack of fear

Word list (in case the students need some help):
coaching, concentration, courage, dedication, luck, practice, presentation, skill, speed, sportsmanship, stamina, strength.

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